Thought we could all update our addresses here...
I'm not sure how many people have new addresses, but leave a comment here with your address for Christmas Cards :)



Hope everyone has a wonderful, safe Thanksgiving!!
We will miss seeing you all :)



So I know that awhile back my mom had mentioned to me that while we were at the reunion we were going to try and do some crafts for the kids. I know it's not for a few months away, but I thought I would see if anyone has some suggestions. I have a Cricut so you can do lots of different things with it. Let me know if you find some cute ideas, you can always add a link in the comments to something if you find something online you think is cute. Thanks!!! Anja


Thanksgiving 2009

Hi everyone,
This time plans have not failed. We have the West Piney camp reserved for the Thanksgiving weekend. Checkin is 2:00 P.M. Wednesday November 25, 2009. Checkout is Saturday November 28, at 1:00 P.M. That gives us 4 days & 3 nights. If you want to prepair some items of food ahead their fridges in the lodge.

The facility is a two story building that ibcludes 76 single beds (bunk style) with mattresses and 6 Queen beds with mattresses this is laed out in 3 large dorm rooms and 7 smaller private rooms. Hey thats one for each for the 'old' folks! LOL

The fee has been paid for over a year since they screwed us up for last year. The fee is $129.00 for each of the 7 of us. To date Bill and Dave are the only ones that have paid.

Please plan your vacation time so you can come. November 25 thru the 28th.

If it snows we will rent snowmobles if not we can ride motorcycles and 4 wheelers.

We will make food assingments to each of the 7 of us (Ted, Bill, Nelson, Dave, Lance,Korinn, Matt) if you wish to pas some stuff on to your kids it up to you.

We'll have lots of games to play and stories to tell. Like the story about Bill and roasted Doves!!!!!!!!! Or many others that I'm sure our children and grand children will love to hear.

Bring List: Bedding or sleeping bags (the building is heated) Games your want to share Camars and video recorders and anything else fun to play or share.

Food: many passed down foods like Turkey Dressing we be featured but I'm sure each family has developed some other traditional food items so please plan to share them.

OK everybody set your schedule for fun! ! ! ! !


The Milton Girls In Idaho

So here we are back in Rigby! Birklee was scheduled to have her second surgery on Oct. 6th, however when we got there we were sent home. Litlle miss Birklee caught a bit of a cold and has had some chest congestion. We have been reschedule for the 22nd, so I will try to keep everyone updated as much as I can. In the meantime, I had these pictures taken of the girls and thought everyone might enjoy them.
With love to all,
Nate, Lindsay, Jasmine and Birklee


Ferrin Family Fun

We took a vacation just before school started. We went camping to the eastern part of arizona that is higher in altitude...so a little cooler. David's Brother and Sister-in-law (Russ and Diane) came down to visit their son Ryan that lives near by...so we ended up spending a couple of days together on our vacation. It was nice.

David & Russ at the Painted Desert.

Zane at the Painted Desert

Korinn, Zane and Ryan at the Meteorite Crater. It was HUGE!!!

David and Zane at the entry of the Lava Tube. It was awesome!

Korinn and Zane at Tonto Natural Bridge Park.

Look closely and you will see Korinn's worst nightmare...

a rattle snake. It was on the path as we climbed back up from

seeing the natural bridge. The bridge was terrific...the snake...terrible!

Zane in the stream...

Zane going "commando" with Dad's jacket!!!!
All dry clothes were back in the trailer, oops!

We are blessing Kardyn

We are going to Utah to bless her because we want all our family to be there. My parents are making the short drive up from Arizona and we can't wait to see them! We also wanted to extend an invitation to anyone who would like to come. We are blessing her on Saturday, August 30th in Mayfield at 3pm. For those of you who don't know, it's about an hour to an hour and a half south of Provo. It's pretty close to Manti. We are blessing her in the church building there (probably the gym), but you can dress casual if you want. After the quick blessing at the church, we are going to Tim's parents house (in the same town) for lots of food and gabbing! So, if you are planning to attend, please leave a comment and your email address if I don't already have it, so that we can plan for the yummy food and I can also give you the address.


We finally made it home!!!

Hi everyone! We finally made it home about 2 weeks ago, seems like such a long road we've been down. Birklee is 9 weeks old today and doing well. We are so excited to have her in our lives, we never knew how truly blessed we can be. She is off of the feeding tube now, but still remains on oxygen for the time being. We will take it day by day. Our little Jasmine is adjusting to the new baby who needs so much attention, but she is still quite the little character. Here are a few pictures that everyone might enjoy. Miss you all, and hope all is well!

Nate, Lindsay, Jasmine, and Birklee


Thanksgiving 2008

Hello Everybody,

A problem has come up on the reservation for the Thanksgiving get together. The lodge we reserved was reserved for the wrong date(s) the lady who was incharge did not look on the 2008 calendar to varify the date of thanksgiving. this year it falls a week later than usual.

When I got a reciept for the money Shelley noticed the date conflict. I called to see if we could get the date corredted to the days we wanted but the lady has gone on a mission.

I told the new director I would leave the money on Thanksgiving 2009 if she would garantee our reservation, she said she would get us Thanksgiving 2009.

In the mean time I spent hours trying to find another location but rather than $900.00 for 3 days most places ran from $1,600.00 to $2,200.00 and slept fewer people.

This year we still want to have a big get together her in Idaho Falls. Between the 4 of us currently living her we should have enough room to house everyone.

We pan to cook at home then go to Nelson's ward building to eat. By the way Nels was just sustained as 1st counsoler in the Bishopric. Congrats Nels!

Please let us know who's comming and we'll get you farmed out for sleeping quarters.

Sorry about the screw up on the reservation.



Pics of Kylee

One of these days I will figure this all out!! Here are Kylee's pictures!!!

Kylee Belle- 3 months old

Kylee turned 3 months on June 17th. She is soooooo awesome! We love having her as a part of our family. Mike and I don't even know what we ever did without her:) She is such a good baby. Kylee has set high standards for the next babies. She is always smiling and laughing, and she has been sleeping through the night since she was about 5-6 weeks old. It has been a lot of fun being home with her and watching her grow into a little "pork chop". (that's what grandpa calls her) Here are a few new pictures for you all to see.... pretty dang cute- huh-!!!


Baby Birklee Elizabeth Milton..........

Hello everyone!! Sorry that it has taken me a while to do this but things have been a little crazy. Our little Birklee was born on May 30th at 11:45am, she weighed 5lbs. 14ozs. We are so blessed that she is here and doing farely well. She had her first open heart surgery on June 4th and did well for the first 48 hours when she went into cardiac arrest. Since then she is progressively doing well and is actually now out of the intensive care unit and on her way to coming home.

Thank you so very much for all of the support from everyone, we are so grateful to be a part of the Milton family. We are so excited for the new addition to our family, and all of the new additions to the Milton family. We hope that all is well and evryone is heathly and happy.

Lots of love!!!

Nate, Lindsay, Jasmine and Birklee


Eisenbrandt baby has arrived!

Kardyn Elizabeth Eisenbrandt was born June 19th at 10:59am. Mom barely made it, even though she was in town! She was taking Chase to the sitters for us and was here for the last 30 min of labor and delivery! Baby and I are doing well, we have a lap top so we are still in the hospital. Check our home blog for more updates!


Beautiful Weather in Arizona

We were looking through pictures on the computer and found this cute one of Chase and Zane; taken while Anja and Chase were visiting in Feb.
Aubrey, Jardan and Eve were over for dinner tonight. The weather is beautiful! I love eating outside this time of year. The pictures of Eve are taken in the one place in our yard that has a few flowers. My yard actually looks lush in the picture. The yard is really driving me crazy beause there are very few flowers and we have some of those ugly desert plants (and all of those stones!). We have to do something about it.
I sure am glad to see a few more posting on this blog:) Be sure to tell others about it if you talk to them.
Love to all.


Hello From Boise!

This is my first time bloging so here it goes..........................................

Boise has been an amazing move for the kids. What they get to experience here is sooooo fun. They have so many friends it is hard to imagine still living in Vegas. We never even new our neighbors more than an occasional wave. We have made wonderful friends with our neighbors. Vegas still calls our name occasionally, but we will put our roots here for now.

Bryten Dae turned 3 on Easter! It is amazing how fast she has grown. She loves to hang with her brother yet totally loves being a girl. All she wanted for her birthday was her own dirtbike helmet. However she loves to have her hair blowdried, toenails painted, play dress up and sneak my makeup. She had a "strawberry shortcake" party and all the little girls did their own make-up. Bryten is always in tow behind her brother and feels pretty special to be riding his training wheel bike. She loves to get dirt under her fingernails helping her brother in the yard. They look for anything moving and that they can catch.

Jonas turns five on Wednesday with Lance and Garrett! He is having a "scoobydoo/volcano " party. He is totally our "green" child. Anything that has to do with the earth, all creatures and extreme weather he is in tune with. His enthusiasm to learn new information is awesome. I find my self wondering how this 5 year old is smarter then this newbie 30 year old? His heart is sooo full of love and goodwill. He loves to ride dirt bikes with his daddy, since uncle Paul helped by the "50" last year. Right now he is watching his favorite cartoon "Tom & Jerry" and eating popcorn.